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7d Liebherr A920

20182.020 hPassau189.900 EUR
7d Others Multigreifer MG2700

2020Passau23.900 EUR
7d Liebherr R926 Compact

20183.130 hAndernach134.900 EUR
Liebherr L509 Stereo

2021759 hPassau77.500 EUR
Liebherr A920

20176.568 hAndernach124.900 EUR
Husqvarna DXR300 - 22 kW

2018Passau59.000 EUR
Liebherr R924

20146.900 hWelzow107.000 EUR
Liebherr A920 Litronic

20182.973 hAndernach159.900 EUR
Liebherr R922 LC Litronic

20147.925 hPassau94.900 EUR
Liebherr A912 Compact

20182.162 hPassau132.500 EUR
Liebherr R922 LC

20155.358 hPassau109.900 EUR
Liebherr R924 Compact

201010.493 hPassau59.900 EUR
Liebherr R936NLC

20155.800 hWelzow129.000 EUR
Linde D12AP

20173.122 hPOA
Linde D12SP

20167.777 hPOA
Linde D12AP

20163.557 h5.500 EUR
Linde D12AP

20164.567 h5.500 EUR
Linde L12LHP

20153.132 h5.060 EUR
Linde T20SP-lang

2018650 hPOA
Linde T20SP-lang

20175.023 hPOA
Linde D08

2016273 hPOA
Linde N20-lang

202120 h12.250 EUR
Linde H80D/900

Linde E30/600HL Container

Linde E30/600HL Container

20213 hPOA
Linde E30/600HL Container

202124 hPOA
Linde E35L

202146.420 EUR
Linde E16H

202185 h39.380 EUR
Linde E18PH

202147 h42.680 EUR
Linde E16

20202.049 hPOA
Linde E16

20195.027 hPOA
Linde E16PH

20154.995 hPOA
Linde E16PH

20155.493 hPOA
Linde E30

Linde H35D

2021162 h60.800 EUR
Linde N20B

2017612 hPOA
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