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7d Liebherr L507 Stereo

20201.700 hAndernach54.900 EUR
7d Liebherr A914 Compact

20211.720 hWelzow143.900 EUR
7d Liebherr A918 Compact

20205.600 hAndernach119.900 EUR
7d Liebherr R938

20203.716 hPassau192.900 EUR
7d Others DVS 250

2007Passau17.500 EUR
7d Others Steingreifer SG250/500B30

2011Rednitzhembach150 EUR
7d Wacker Neuson Rammer BS60-2

Rednitzhembach1.000 EUR
7d Others ULTRA GRIP 40

2020Schweinfurt700 EUR
7d Others 16

Schweinfurt150 EUR
7d Others 18

Schweinfurt150 EUR
7d Others V160/K/FU/BR

2008Würzburg450 EUR
7d Others ESE1306 DSG-GT ES Dupl

2017Cottbus3.100 EUR
7d Ammann ARR1585

2018Aachen10.900 EUR
7d Others M-SVG63/001/0/K/FU

2011Rednitzhembach200 EUR
7d Others V160/K/FU/BR

2012Rednitzhembach690 EUR
7d Ammann ARR 1575 / ARR 1585

Aachen600 EUR
7d Others 10' D/H

2020Regensburg1.900 EUR
Liebherr L566X-Power

20203.680 hAndernach196.900 EUR
Atlas Copco SB 152

2018Passau3.900 EUR
Others GRL SW 33

2020Passau8.990 EUR
Liebherr R914 Compact

20202.100 hAachen134.900 EUR
Liebherr L508 Compact

2021777 hAndernach53.900 EUR
Liebherr L508 Compact

2020830 hPassau51.490 EUR
Liebherr L508 Compact

2020573 hWürzburg51.490 EUR
Liebherr L506 Compact

2021660 hRednitzhembach47.490 EUR
Liebherr L506 Compact

20211.160 hSchweinfurt44.500 EUR
Liebherr L504 Compact

20221.700 hAndernach43.490 EUR
Liebherr L506 Compact

2021623 hRednitzhembach47.490 EUR
Liebherr R926 LC

20195.500 hPassauPOA
Wacker Neuson RT82-SC2

2011486 hRednitzhembach8.900 EUR
Others Mehrschalengreifer

2016Passau8.900 EUR
Liebherr A914 Compact

20193.700 hSchweinfurt116.900 EUR
Liebherr A916 Compact

20202.500 hRednitzhembach149.000 EUR
Liebherr 71K

2003Regensburg50.000 EUR
Liebherr 71K

2008Regensburg80.000 EUR
Liebherr A912 Compact

20182.800 hMeckenheim97.900 EUR
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